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Get into the Self Storage business with our kits!

Built Right

Built to Last

All of our steel built kits are designed, engineered, and manufactured in Canada!

Easily build your own mini storage business
Our steel built kits can help create income

Finance your mini storage building for as little as $395.00 a month.

Call for details 905-642-1012.

Canadian Built

Mini Storage Buildings

Designed and detailed for your specific application.
We take care of your site plan, grading, concrete, asphalt and erecting. All you’ll need to do is advertise and rent those units out.


Planning & Construction

In House Design

Template or Custom, we can create your kit to get your business growing.
Mini Storage Canada is able to use pre-existing templates for your building design or by using our in-house software we are able to create a custom layout to suit your exact building needs.
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We Provide You with Complete in House Consulting
Mini Storage Canada goes above and beyond by providing our clients access to our entire network of professionals in order to ensure your project is a complete success.
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Site Planning

Site planning varies according to the project and the municipality where the building is being placed
Requirements may include services and connections, detailing setbacks, a fire plan, topographic details, and a survey.

We have a team that handles the site plan portion of a project.

We often recommend applying for site plan approval PRIOR to ordering a building, to ensure your desired building is permitted in the specific location.
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Foundation Installation

A Foundation Engineer

will work with you to determine the best type of foundation for the project
Foundation installation can only be done after a stamped foundation drawing has been prepared; the foundation drawing needs the information from the stamped structural drawings to be completed.

When the type of foundation is determined, it can be accurately priced under concrete services by our team.
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Building Installation

Hiring an experienced erector is key to the success of a large project.
We have a wide network of skilled erectors from coast to coast who will quote on completing your project. Whether or not your steel building project is intended as a do-it-yourself kit, it’s often helpful to find out the cost to have a professional team complete the erection.
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Storage Buildings

Self Storage Building Kit

30' x 150' x 8.5'
Private purchaser

Self Storage Complex Kit

Various sizes
Private customer

Self Storage Building Kit

5 building sizes
Private purchaser

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